oh man

This is my dilemma: I am a 40-something years old professional and I know what logical or realistic mean and how they differ from fantasy and fiction. Except when it is about feelings.

Or man.

I have a friend who cannot ask the girl he likes out because he thinks the way she dresses is not feminine enough and this puts him off quite a bit. See, he likes colourful stuff, dresses not trousers, and he insists a woman should have a long, and wait for it, blonde hair!

I know the girl likes him, too, but she cannot really understand whether he has got a genuine and sound interest in her because of his conflicting behaviour. It is up to them, but see, knowing both of them, I actually think they would be a lovely couple.

I tried to talk to my friend; I told him that if he had asked her out, I am sure he would be surprised to see how lovely she can be. My friend, remains unconvinced, misses two points:

1) a woman shines around the man she likes. No dress, no colour, no whatsoever can make a woman more radiant, lovely, or feminine than the excitement of being around the guy she likes, and

2) a woman would know the difference between a regular day attire and a date attire. Do men not know how much we care to get ready for our dates? I sure will shop for sometime to choose the best attire, shoes, and the accessories, if I do not have them stashed somewhere already. I will have a fresh hair cut, care for my nails, and polish them to finest. I will do all bunch of things if I am really interested in and if I really like the guy! And depending on his reactions, I can figure out more of his likes and if they are what I like, too (like a nice black dress, my all time favourite or the small hair pins I love so much), then, yes why not? The trick is I would not go to my work like this, but I sure will go to a date different.

Well of course the blonde hair is a little bit off; for the record, I would never change my hair colour for a man. No matter how much I love him (seriously). Only because it is not something I ever wished for myself.

Nobody is perfect but certain things, like attire, nails, this and that can be done if one wants. Do not let such things to slow you and prevent you from asking that nice girl out on a lovely date.

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