joy journal – Dec 12, 2014

I am extra grateful today 🙂

1. I had great time with my friends tonite – we went to a symphonic orchestra concert. Stage and acoustic as well as some of the performances were very nice. I spent more time investigating the stage and surroundings and consuming candies one of my friends kindly offered. At one point one of my friend and I were laughing silently I do not know for what and I almost choked on the candy. Tears went down my eyes and I had to cough to to get the saliva out of my windpipe. I know it was a childish thing to do and probably we have annoyed people around, but I really loved the fact that we laughed!!!

2. I am grateful for shopping today – I usually shop on Thursdays but could not find time to do so yesterday. I bought fresh produce, bread, my favourite yogurt, eggs, and fish cakes. I will be happy to consume all of them.

3. I am also grateful that I re-started my “but at least 6 different items to eat each week” strategy; I have a tendency to eat the same things over and over all the time. This strategy helps me to recognize there are many other fruits and vegetables that I can eat to have variety in my diet. Good job!

4. I am grateful for eating hard-boiled eggs for a light dinner tonite together with some salad. I love eggs. Especially hard-boiled and cold ones. They are such a tasty meal alternatives. And good protein too, though I need to watch for cholesterol levels.

5. I am grateful I took the bus this morning, too! That is so awesome. I saved some bucks.

6. I am grateful I walked back from office to the grocery store and then to home. Walking and carrying stuff around are good for my health, muscles, and bones.

7. I am grateful for the foggy weather today – it is such a mystical view. Reminds me a city that I once lived in and loved so much. In such weathers is the opportunity to write – for some reason they click with me.

8. I am grateful for having tea with a friend of mine this morning. Always a pleasure to drink tea and have a conversation at the same time.

9. I am grateful for its being Friday – a week is done and gone. Tomorrow and Sunday will be filled with not only house chores but also relaxing activities such as breakfasts and visits to the book-store.

10. I am grateful that tomorrow I will finally have a chance to order my new reading glass prescriptions. I have been holding it for so long, I do not think I have made a favour to my eyes. Finally this will stop sometime soon.

11. I am grateful for working and sending out an important report today – it took quite sometime, I messed up with the calculations quite a bit, but eventually finalized (I hope) and sent right on time.

12. I am grateful for the freedom to go to bed late tonite – I have the entire morning to myself, sleep in or have an early breakfast; whatever I want to.

13. I am grateful for my TV – there is a movie that I have seen many times, but am having fun.

14. I am grateful that I am sleepy – yet another good night sleep to come. That is wonderful news.

15. I am grateful that I know I should write more items here for today, but will not force myself to complete a list of 20; 15 items are good for today; better than not writing.

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