joy journal – Dec 17, 2014

I am grateful for a bunch of things today

1. I am grateful I had a good sleep tonite; going to the bathroom in the middle of the night has been going on for some years; I was annoyed by this for some time but I guess that is okay. Age changes things. I am embracing this.

2. I am grateful for putting the garbage out for collection; it is funny that I have never forgotten to do that so far? Human mind is interesting; it remembers things when needed, sometime over and over again. I am grateful for this.

3. I am grateful for the light work day – stress was so unexisting that I love this feeling. All is taken easy and things move while I keep relax. How can I do this all the time? I better figure out the reason and make it happen.

4. I am grateful for training my assistant for some ordering, finance checks, and data analysis and storage. She is smart, notices things and learn fast. I am very pleased by her performance.

5. I am grateful for the quiet work place – I think some people have already left for the holidays. It is peaceful and there is certainly less rush in the place. That I think contributes to my less stressful experience.

6. I am grateful for walking back to home this evening – good for my health, heart and bones. Well done.

7. I am grateful for the relatively warm weather and lack of icy snow on the road that permits me to walk.

8. I am grateful for drinking milk today – I so rarely drink milk. It is supposed to be useful for my body – keep drinking time to time.

9. I am grateful for the hot soup and salad I had this evening – the soup warmed me up and the salad literally gave me vitality.

10. I am grateful for not missing someone desperately today. It is dreadful feeling. I am enjoying whatever goes through my heart today – they are all warm feelings.

11. I am grateful for not procrastinating with an important email today; less stress translates into more clear thing, confidence, and internal peace. I really would like to be like this the entire life, not only in december when I start getting excited about the days off from work and naturally become less stressed and more positive (good to notice that by the way).

12. I am grateful for my warm and safe house – I am grateful for my throw that keeps me warm, I am grateful for my socks and wool jacket that keep me warm. Warmth has a unique place in my needs I see – winter does it. Another reason to be grateful for then, re; winter.

13. I am grateful for my food – I have many veggies and fruits still available from last friday. I can cook something nice tomorrow.

14. I am grateful for being sleepy – that means I will have a good night sleep.

15. I am grateful for not replying to an email reply from someone I know – I think I can stop it here; there was no indication of a need to continue to keep emailing back, though I wanted to interact with that person a little bit more. Maybe at another occasion.

16. I am grateful for receiving a free calendar in the mail today – it is cute and I will find a good use for it!

17. I am grateful for feeling upbeat, optimistic, and positive.

18. I am grateful for feeling the excitement of the book I am going to read in the coming days.

19. I am grateful for finding all these to be thankful today.

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