joy journal – Dec 21, 2014

I am grateful for many things and people that made my day a beautiful day.

1. I am grateful for its being a weekend and having the freedom to do whatever I want to do.

2. I am grateful for my breakfast this morning – it was tasty and fresh. Walking in the crisp day was an extra thing to be thankful for.

3. I am grateful for my favourite bookstore – I have found two books that I am sure I will enjoy reading sometime soon.

4. I am grateful for the gift one of my old friends sent to me – such a lovely CD! the songs are catchy; my like was immediate; that does not happen often.

5. I am grateful for my friend taking the time and effort to buy and send my gift – I had not got any gifts in the last few years, not from my immediate family members. I had forgotten what a great feeling it was. The surprise and the joy made me emotional. I remembered my human side. A little bit more deeply than I thought I would. Very interesting.

6. I am grateful for the healthy food I have had today – nothing major but absolutely not unhealthy, either.

7. I am grateful for looking at the sky at the evening; seeing its darkness and the branches of the trees in it… It was quiet, peaceful if you will. Nights are my favourite time of the day.

8. I am grateful for cleaning my home today.

9. I am grateful that I have aerated my home – both floors in fact. It was cold and all, but I really think it is way more important to have fresh air inside than to keep the heat inside.

10. I am grateful for being relax and less stressed. The prospect of time off from work has been exciting. I have no definite plans but I know I will enjoy the next two weeks.

11. I am grateful that all the people important for me are alive, safe, and healthy.

12. I am grateful for the music I am listening right now – there are so many emotions it evokes, all strong and meaningful. I am grateful for the internet and whoever recorded it for making this possible for me.

13. I am thankful for my computer, internet connection, TV, and cable. Yes I am; thanks to them I can see, listen, learn, and think – at least pass time. They also keep me connected to the others. What have we done to do prior to internet I wonder..

14. I am grateful for my couch – I have been sitting on it for a couple of days now rather than my all-time favourite, the old recliner. it is good to have a change from even the favourite.

15. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for having a house to keep warm. I am grateful for my job to keep doing. I am grateful for my furniture, my plants, my books, my CDs, my clothes. I am extra grateful for the gloves, scarfs, coats, and boots I have that make the winter bearable.

16. I am grateful for being happy with even the little things that make a positive difference in my life, in my feelings. I am thankful that I am not a materialistic person. I am grateful that no matter what I keep going. I am grateful that I am content and at peace with myself. I am grateful that people in my life and supportive, caring, and nourishing. I am grateful that I do not keep people who are annoying, bad or otherwise wrong in my life.

17. I am grateful that I can find all these and others to cherish and appreciate the life, my life, as it is.

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