joy journal – January 18, 2015

There is something missable about being grateful and writing to my joy journal. So here is my today’s joy journal entries:

1. I am grateful that I miss writing my joy journal – being thankful to life, what happens or I notice is a great feeling. I genuinely feel its excitement!

2. I am grateful for being safe, sound, and healthy. I would like to have a better, healthier life style. This has been bugging me for sometime… It is time to focus on myself and make the changes I need to make. Walk more, exercise more, eat better… However difficult these could be in winter, nevertheless there are options to implement. Let me figure them out.

3. I am grateful for talking on the phone with people I love today; always a great feeling.

4. I am grateful for changing my daily routine and trying new things in a new sequence; new cafe, new type of breakfast, new time/day to do the grocery shopping.

5. I am grateful for having healthier food today; soup at noon and salad after that felt both tasty and healthy – good job.

6. I am grateful for the weather – it is not too bad, too cold today. They expect some more snow tonite and tomorrow but I think we will be fine.

7. I am grateful for spending my time with fruitful activities rather than just gazing into TV.

8. I am grateful for sitting at my kitchen table as a change; it is in a bright part of the house and being here feels nourishing…

9. I am grateful for getting mats for my house – now that it is winter and there is a lot of shovelling, it is essential to keep the entrance deck dry with the help of the mats. Previously what I had did not soak the liquid so I noticed liquid gathered on the floor – not a good practice. Now it is better!

10. I am grateful for the warm house on this winter day. I wish there is no one out there without a good shelter.

11. I am grateful for today being an off day; I love working but it is also essential to take a break from it so that when I return back to the office, I can have the irresistible urge to finish the tasks.

12. I am grateful for my enthusiasm to change the things in daily life – whether it is my hair, my clothes, the way I go through the day does not matter. I will not dwell on the negative, but rather make things that makes me feel good about myself and my life happen.

13. I am grateful for finding and buying essential food on sale today.

14. I am grateful for walking around 20 minutes on snowy sidewalks. It is difficult and my boots are not skid-resistant but they are doing good job. One nice thing about walking on difficult road conditions is the need to focus on walking/road for safety reasons. That helps my mind to focus on things other than what I usually do (mostly work problems that I need to solve).

15. I am grateful for being grateful 🙂

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