simplified life, routine, and the change

I am eager to keep a simple life style and daily life so that once a system is establish, my time and energy can be leveraged to more important things in life (such as work).

I am happy to have a simple daily system and way of life; yet when everyday repeats themselves over and over, it gets boring.

So today I was bored with the prospect of spending this beautiful sunday with the same activities, often with the same sequence, and thus together with the encouragement of family members, I have tried different things; I have changed the cafe house I go every saturday and sunday and landed up in a nearby nice cafe; my regular breakfast that I am so fond of was not available so I tried soup (which was awesome). I walked a little bit longer and it felt good. I did my grocery shopping the first thing in the morning, which I regularly do on thursday or friday afternoons. I am sitting in my kitchen table with my laptop and working/blogging. I even had my favourite tea at the table, which felt good.

Now I am excited to plan what else I can change (little changes, nothing too drastic) every day to make everyday interesting and new.

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