joy journal – January 29, 2015

It has been a while that I have not noted the things, events, or people I have been grateful for. I have many things to share; here are the latest ones I remember:

1. I am grateful for walking from office to home – I have been consistently doing that even though it is winter. I am grateful that I have a good pair of boots, gloves, scarf and coat that allow me to do the walking. I also thank myself for enjoying it, no matter what. It is so relaxing and I am happy to do it considering its health benefits to my mind and body. Well done.

2. I am grateful for eating different foods. I usually consume the same veggies/fruits, but lately I have been purchasing different types. For example, grapes: I like them only occasionally (oranges and apples are my favourite winter fruits),or zucchini: again I eat it only occasionally. I believe the variety in food I consume is really a great, healthy choice.

3. I am grateful for not having any problem at my home. Last winter I had roof problems in winter, which was very annoying. I am glad I got the roof fixed right before the winter. There is quite a peace of mind coming with this.

4. I am grateful I started a yoga/stretching class last week. I have been thinking about it for some time, but finally something prompted me to start it last week – in a couple of hours I made my mind and then attended my first class. Now I go there five times a week. The sessions consist of un-forceful but long stretches of back and hips, which I really benefit from. The lights are dimmed, temperature is warm, and the background music is relaxing. It is my evening routine now to attend these sessions. The place is only 100 meters away from my house (that is great really; I have no excuse to not go), there are sessions as late as 7 pm (which is awesome; this way I am not rushing back from the office), and there are sessions at the weekend as well. While the fee is a little bit too much for me right now, joining this club was the best decision I have made in the last few years. I am grateful for this. A lot.

5. I am grateful for my green jacket – I really love it; its colour is peaceful and it keeps me warm no matter what. I really love this jacket – I hope it will last for a couple of more years.

6. I am grateful for getting a new project funded. It really excited me and I am really happy to have got it. Now I have some funds to use in the next few years to do an exciting project. That is so great for my job as well as my career. I should also mention it is great for my confidence – I was feeling quite low due to lack of enough funds to do our projects, but now I have some funds and I can get more in future. Confidence and pride – I love this project 🙂

7. I am grateful for quitting negative stories and for being determined to focus on positive ones. When I think about this decision (which came out of nowhere), I find myself smiling and looking at future with optimism. We may not know what life will bring to us, yet we may as well enjoy this moment when everything is in place and as they are supposed to be. I am very grateful for this feeling.

8. I am grateful for my good friends; they make a huge difference. I am also grateful for my family – without them I would not be here or be what/who I am.

9. I am grateful for my life – today at the stretching class, there were many peaceful moments – I felt like I should credit my life for bringing me to these moments… No matter how hard it has been, there are so many nice, peaceful, happy, excited, or just fine moments in life, it is only fair to notice and acknowledge them. When we can take time to focus on them, when we can empty/relax the mind, they are easier to identify. I am wishing everyone a similar experience.

10. I am grateful for closing the doors for problematic relationships and refreshing my emotional world. Always a delight. Some relationships are not supposed to be in our lives, they are not supposed to take our energy away with their problematic, effortful natures. Yet, we keep them with us for some reasons. When it is time to let them go, we know it deep down, and letting go becomes a natural act. I am happy with my current peaceful and refreshed inner world.

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