joy journal – January 31, 2015

I am grateful for  a lot of things today;

1. Goodness, kindness, and peace… how great are these? I love it when I too can see things with these qualities. Appreciation is huge.

2. I am grateful for the breakfast I have had and working at my favourite cafe with my laptop. Coffee was great, bagels were awesome, and working felt good. Plus, having the fresh air while going there and coming back was very refreshing. Life is good.

3. I am grateful for cleaning my home and doing the laundry – there is something great about a tidy and clean house. Peaceful…

4. I am grateful for eating healthy today – I cooked after a long time today and it felt really good, nourishing, and hearty. well done.

5. I am grateful for my TV and cable – I am watching TV tonite and I have the opportunity to focus on things other than work. My mind needed this break.

6. I am grateful for keeping my cool despite the ridiculous things that have happened nowadays. I feel grounded and solid, which is a great feeling.

7. I am grateful for going to a hair saloon and getting my hair done. I should do that more often, but often times I have little time to do so. Today, the time was right. That is great.

8. I am grateful for having the day to myself; I do not have to think about someone else or be with others. I like spending time with myself.

9. I am grateful for being warm in this cold winter night.

10. I am grateful for all the clothes, furniture and the food I have. I keep a simple and affordable life and I am very proud of this.

11. I am grateful that I am not a materialistic person. I have never been interested in material-stuff for what they are; but for being useful and serving their purposes.

12. I am grateful that I am not sad about my alarm clock of +15 years that is broken yesterday. It has been incredibly useful but  it was the time for it to go. I would like to get another one, which I hope will last as long as this one.

13. I am grateful for being grateful today.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend 🙂

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