not everyone deserves full forgiveness

okay… I am listening to a video clip about positivity and kindness. And I realize, sometimes, no, total forgiveness is not good – some people over and over take advantage of others, use others, belittle and bully others, and more.

Nope, I am not going to fully be forgiving those people; what if they try it again?

Being cautious.

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  1. I think you may understand forgiveness differently than I do. Forgiveness is something that happens inside of me. It’s the process of ceasing to hate, ceasing to allow the actions of another to control how I feel, the process of setting me free from the ones who have harmed me. So, I confront them if I can, tell them specifically what they did as I see it and how it affected me. Then I release myself by forgiving them. They still have the consequences to deal with. Depending on their reaction to our conversation I may or may not allow them back into my life. The burden for their healing is on them.

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    1. yes indeed I understand forgiveness different than this – if I forgive that means they are like other people I like and if so I am being good, kind, considerate, and supportive to them. if they were removed from my life totally, maybe then my forgiveness could be very similar to what you have described 🙂

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      1. There are a lot of people in my life. I am good, kind, considerate and tolerant of all of them. I support the ones that I find a common cause with to support. I don’t allow all of them in my life even if they’ve never hurt me directly. I’m quite selective of whom I allow into my life. Even Jesus, the champion of forgiveness will only allow those who confess, repent, and believe into his heaven. I see no need to attempt to be better than he supposedly is in my extension of forgiveness.


        1. my preference is not to discuss religious or personal choices here – I think sometimes it is inevitable to have people in our lives – we cross paths with many people, often for prolonged times, e.g. teachers at school, in-laws, boyfriend of the best friend, our neighbours. Again the definition of forgiveness you and I have are different, so feel free to disregard this response 🙂

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