I really would like that to happen

I read it somewhere today that “there are people who would like to have your bad day” or something like that.

It did make quite a sense to me; we all have problems and stressful events, however small or big, however real or anticipatory they might be, but some issues are really real and big.

For a day tomorrow, I will try to stop complaining about little issues/problems. I will see how it goes. Then I will see whether I can make a positive difference in somebody’s life tomorrow.

We are all connected; maybe with that person a little bit more at ease, somebody else may get at ease, and then another one, and so on.

I really would like that to happen.

One thought on “I really would like that to happen

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  1. No matter how much bad others wish for u. There are lot many others who wish good thing for you. And u have wished for good things to happen to them . that suffices. U have a kind heart . u believe all that you do will bring positive result. To do not worry about all that negative things.

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