Snow day

It is a snow day – we kind of knew it yesterday that there would be a lot of snow today and wind.

Well, the snow is here but not the wind, which is a good news. I have something like 30 cm of snow at the back yard – the front of the house is more: I tried to shovel it unsuccessfully as there is no place to shovel the snow. I thought, with no exaggeration, that there was around 1 meter of snow in front of the house; the municipality did not do much to clean the streets yet.

I wonder how it will be tomorrow morning – will I be able to safely leave my home for work?

On a separate note, though I am kind of happy that I am not working today. I have a lot to do, but taking a break from work, when especially there are things that are over my head in terms of making decisions and drawing future plans, gives me an opportunity for a fresh and the majority of the time wider and more logical look at things.

Yes, I may have lost time at work, but my mind is much clear today. That is good.

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