joy journal – Feb 14, 2015

Today is one of these interesting days – I have dome some out of routine activities so I am excited about them, but then I am also felling sick so it is a meh day – my head is aching and I have had low energy last week; so I am certain I will be sick in the next few days. Maybe it is a good thing; this way I can focus on my well-being and make healthier life-style choices.

1. I have made some healthy eating choices today and managed to stretch at home for some time – it felt good; my back was aching after two days of heavy shovelling. I am grateful that I have taken my time to stretch today.

2. I am also grateful that I have eaten healthy meal this evening. As a person who does not like cooking, that is a good development. As a matter of fact, I should continue to cook meal at home so that I can take care of my body better. Something to keep in my mind.

3. I am grateful that today I do not have to work – I woke up at noon as my body felt tired and I continued to sleep till late. I am okay with that.

4. I am grateful that I talked to my family and friends today and they are all safe and sound.

5. I am grateful that I went to my favourite cafe today but instead of my usual bagels, I tried something else. It was not as good as bagels but it is worth giving it a try. I know now that I can change things, even those that I like. There is some kind of sense of being empowered by this.

6. I am grateful that I have cleaned my home and did the laundry. A clean and organized home makes me feel peaceful and serene. I thank myself for doing these house chores.

7. I am grateful that I did grocery shopping today – I usually do it on thursdays or fridays, but because of snow this week I did not have a chance to do it till today. I always have a good time while shopping.

8. I am grateful for my TV, cable, internet connection, computer, books, pens and papers. With them, life is easy, colorful, and nice.

9. I am grateful that I have noticed I have some extra cleaning products in my laundry room. I have no rush to go shop for them.

10. I am grateful for all the food I have at home. I am also grateful for my furniture, clothes and everything else. I feel like I do not have to shop for quite sometime and I am abundant.

11. I am grateful for my couch – tonite I am sitting/half-lying on it with my blanket on my lap. I feel like I am pampering myself – what else is better for a person who feels like getting sick?

12. I am grateful for not having a house problem in this harsh-going winter. I am really happy for this. so far so good. Thank you home.

13. I am grateful that I have not had bad news nowadays.

14. I am grateful that I have fruit at home – they are healthy and sweet. I wanted to buy chocolate today but then I did not (will-power!!); the sweetness of the fruits will make it.

15. I am grateful that tomorrow I do not have to work.

16. I am grateful that I have good friends.

17. I am grateful that I did not spend too much cash today.

18. I am grateful that I like being grateful and writing to my joy journal.

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