joy journal – Feb 15, 2105

Feeling kind of sick, I wanted to go to sleep feeling good. So here comes my joyful entries for today;

1. I am grateful I am well and sound, even though I have been feeling sick lately. I am still okay.

2. I am grateful for my family – they are the real joy and support in my life.

3. I am grateful for sleeping in till noon – I believe my body needs that long sleeps to recuperate.

4. I am grateful that I did not have to work today; rather spent time at home; warm and cozy.

5. I am grateful I could buy myself breakfast and cooked healthy meals in the evening. I am extra grateful for the tasty and healthy salad. Well done.

6. while I was feeling very lazy, I am quite grateful that I could prepare tea for myself. Green tea with pomegranate and lemon juice. It was good.

7. I am grateful for doing the dishes; keeping home clean and orderly when I am feeling sick is not my priority, but it feels good really. good job.

8. I am grateful for reading books today. I have not been reading for sometime… What an unfortunate practice. One of the books I have read says something like “Choose to choose”. I have chosen today to prioritize the well being and needs of my body rather than the lazy, convenience-loving mind. I chose to put an effort or struggle to make things better for me, my health, and my life. I will see how it goes.

9. I am grateful for no new snow; I have had no motivation to shovel again today. rather it was a bright and shiny day. It was nice to see the sky so. There is something miraculous about the nature.

10. I am grateful that I have not forced myself to get out of house today. sometimes it is best we keep ourselves where we are most comfortable.

11. I am grateful for feeling hungry late night – while I know it is not a healthy habit, it also tells me that my appetite is just fine, so I am not completely sick. That is great.

12. I am grateful for my couch that allowed me to lie on and just chill tonite. Similarly my throw and everything else that kept me warm today.

13. I am grateful for my TV and computer – they kept me engaged, made me learn stuff, and have a couple of laughs 🙂

14. I am grateful that I can take tomorrow as a sick day – I have no commitment for tomorrow at work; this may be a good time to keep caring for my body.

15. I am grateful that I am grateful.

have a nice night everybody.

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