joy journal – Feb 23, 2015

There is something exciting, joyful, and happy about being grateful!

1. I am grateful for feeling good today – I am more confident, happy, and motivated towards my job after getting the critical project accepted yesterday.

2. I am grateful for the good sleep I had yesterday; I reduced the temperature a little bit more yesterday night. It did help with sleeping.

3. I am grateful for taking the bus this morning, rather than the cab. I saved some bucks, which I have used to buy myself a breakfast!

4. I walked a little bit in the morning. Not too much, but I know it is good for my health. Well done!

5. I am grateful for working at the office; I had two meetings but other than that I was free to take care of tasks. It feels good to erase the stuff of my calendar.

6. I am grateful for walking from office to home. The weather is mild today, quite warm actually. There was minimal ice on the road, making it easy for me to walk.

7. I am grateful for eating healthy this evening; during the day I admit I ate too much unhealthy snacks and two apples (which is good). I preferred to eat a bean salad rather than fried food. I am very happy with this decision.

8. I am grateful for having the night to myself. Serenity coming out of silent nights is incredible. Very relaxing indeed.

9. I am grateful for checking an important report at home, rather than leaving it to tomorrow morning. I have no rush to go to the office early tomorrow morning.

10. I am grateful for my warm house in this chilly time of the year. I am also grateful for getting a 10% lower power bill this month.

11. I am grateful for my TV and cable – one of my favourite TV shows will start in an hour – cannot wait!

12. I am grateful for the food, cleaning products, furniture, and clothes I have at home.

13. I am grateful for my computer and my internet connection – they link me to the rest of the world and allow me to write my joy journal right now.

14. I am grateful for having a conversation with one of my good friends today – it is always a great feeling to talk to her.

15. I am grateful for being grateful today.

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