I am increasingly thinking about letting more things go

There is something very refreshing and exciting about letting things go; I started making progress in this direction yesterday.

I am increasingly thinking about letting more things go. Mostly about work, but you know, I feel like I can change things in my life, too. Yes!

Many of us change jobs, houses, cities, and life-style conditions/habits throughout our lives. Sometimes, we do not want to do the change. Other times, it feels exciting.

I knew for some time that I wanted to change the focus of my projects. So far I have done good, considering the limited resources. It has been a great learning experience (the topic of my projects in the last few years were new to me), I worked with really great people, produced quite a bit, and got recognition for my work. All is good.

What is not that good is the accumulation of hardened work relationships, the need for fresh, new questions, fields, questions, experiences, work environments, topics, and work relationships.

When this “memory bin” gets full; you feel it.

I did and I am dumping that garbage. It is a process and it just started.

I am excited.

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