Life is interesting

Feeling depressed nowadays… Maybe I am tired, maybe I worked a lot lately, maybe there are things that deep down bothering me. I do not know. I am human; feelings, including depressive feelings, are a part of it. That is what I know.

I have been feeling overwhelmed for some time lately. I am not sure whether I undertake too much, am too ambitious, or it is just one of these times, I do not know. I feel like I really need a break.

Many things went wrong that aggravated me in the last few weeks. Sometimes, I think these things do appear in my life to make me pay attention on them… Maybe I have been ignoring them and now it is a good time to address them.

My first reaction was of course to resist to these feelings. But I am experienced; the more I resist, the bigger they become. Acknowledging them, accepting them, and then taking steps to address the issues… That is what I must to do go through this turbulent time.

There are some lessons I have had from these experiences. They somehow make this depressive period pass less painful.

Life is interesting.

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  1. I had read somewhere that writing feelings, especially negative ones, help make them decrease in strength. I agree with that after trying and seeing its benefits multiple times. My aim in this post was to do this exactly. It is therapeutic.


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