There comes a moment in one’s life that one must accept they may not full-fill what they aimed to

I have been working on a project idea. It was about a relatively new subject, where I have no expertise, but I am keen on doing it. I have been writing, thinking, and researching about it for around 2 months. The more I learnt the details of the procedure, the more I realized I do not have the expertise or wisdom to lead this project.

I have two options: either to talk to others with appropriate expertise, who would like to take over this project, or to reduce the scope of the project to 1/5th that I can put an effort to lead and finish.

Since I have been struggling to formulate this project and realistically did not see myself fit to lead it, I have not been moving the proposal, either. That bothers me; I thought at first I was just being lazy; but now I think it is because deep down I know it is not a good idea to move forward. I think I should stop here and take action.

Time to talk to others to see whether anyone else would like to take this project, where I am happy to lead one part I am okay with. If not, I will reduce its scope.

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