joy journal – March 17, 2015

here are today’s joyful events, thoughts, and experiences 🙂

1. I am grateful for shovelling intensely in the morning. The snow was too much and the plows did not do a good service to me by throwing all snow from street to the front of my door. It was a great exercise to open a passage to the street, though 🙂

2. I am grateful that I did not have a meeting or so in the morning, which allowed me to shovel. Otherwise I would have to miss the meeting.

3. I am grateful that instead of buying coffee and some unhealthy breakfast treats from the cafeteria, I chose to brew my coffee in the office.

4. I am grateful that while there was a lot of snow, there was no ice that made walking difficult today.

5. I am grateful that I worked efficiently at the office, especially in the afternoon/evening. Feeling the satisfaction 🙂

6. I am grateful that I catched the bus back to home 🙂

7. I made a concious decision to enjoy my night and take my time relaxing, even though I came home late from office. That is relaxing, very much indeed!

8. I had a different type of dinner today (different than regular ones); it feels good I am thinking; if I continue to be concious about my eating, I can greatly help my body with its well-being.

9. I am grateful for feeling less stressful compared to last week; I believe the long-weekend helped me to relax.

10. I am grateful that I started an urgent task, which I was not very motivated to do. Now that I started it quite strong, I am sure it will be completed soon; yay!

11. I am grateful for my warm house in this chilly time of the year; wishing everyone, especially the homeless people, a safe and warm place to spend the nights.

12. I am grateful for my relax schedule this week – it helps me to not only relax but also to perform serious work that requires attention and focus.

13. I am grateful that I am not worried much about another snow storm that will likely blast us tomorrow/thursday. Maybe I will have to shovel more, maybe it will be another snow day; whatever it is, I will take it (unless snow makes it completely impossible for me to leave my house..I may get near-crazy then.. I will wait and see)

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