random thoughts

1. Writing is therapeutic; I had said that a couple of times before. I am not particularly feeling positive today, thus I am constantly looking for ways to feel better. Moving to couch from the recliner; eating a healthy meal (very good for me); trying to watch TV to focus my mind on things other than my feelings, and seriously considering eating sweets..

2. I thanked myself for the first time in a long while…. I thanked myself for despite everything, the heavy work schedule and responsibilities, for taking care of stuff all by myself. I should do that more often..

3. Why do the washing machines sometime shake violently and scare us? The first load was problematic, which made me thought “how am I going to balance this huge machine now?”. I continued anyhow and the second and the third loads run with no problem. I remembered later; that must be the load – I should have stopped the machine and redistribute the clothes to help machine find balance. Lesson learnt! 🙂

4. I am looking for good news here and there; why are they so hard to find? Or are they there but I cannot see/find them?

5. let me create my good news then; I already have progressed quite a bit towards becoming a “Pollyanna” with my “joy journal” series….. All right; here is the good news for today; I have every single thing at my life to enjoy my life. A moment of realization and appreciation.

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