healthy eating, limitations, and the joy of it

many years ago, I had prioritized the well-being of my body; I was exercising and eating well.

There was an incredible pleasure in going to different stores to get the healthiest food; one store to get the tofu and the dandelion; another store to get bulk tea and spices (and those spices were just awesome! all bunch of different ones, smelling so nice…), another store to get the fresh produce, and yet another one to get the beans and legumes…. My meals were not necessarily the best or the tastiest one (only because I am not interested in cooking), but I was eating a variety of food prepared in a way healthier way than now.

There was an interesting satisfaction in eating healthy – I cannot put my finger on it. But it was indeed a great feeling; something like “I am doing a great job taking good care of myself”.

Why did I stop doing that????

I can tell you why – I moved to a smaller city with limited choices of stores and food. Yes there are some stores I can go get the legumes, but in terms of fresh produce, spices, and teas, it is very disappointing here..

nevertheless, next weekend I will make an attempt to go to different stores around the city to see whether I can find things that are different than what is available in stores close to me.

And that idea excites me 🙂

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