the role of a remote control in making my day

Today has been a long day..

worked till 3pm and then started a video-conference that lasted 5 hours…

Imagine sitting, listening, debating, or talking with full attention for a full 5 hours.. The room was awesome and I was the only person in the room.

There was a 20 min dinner break, which was good. Yet, I had forgotten to get food for myself and I was starving; the first vending machine on lower floor did not accept my bills… I found another one on another floor, for which I am grateful, but that of course let me eat very unhealthy snacks. I had forgotten to bring my laptop so I had to follow only 30% of the documents discussed, needed to take notes constantly (which is actually fun, I am not complaining 🙂 ).

At one point while trying to adjust the voice, I think I pressed some other buttons, and then the camera returned 180 degrees and all they could see was the wall!!! I could not adjust it for some time; thankfully it had a flexible neck. Eventually put a remote control to keep the camera from turning again (otherwise it keeps looking at the wall again). A true engineering miracle!!

It was a little bit awkward experience; yet, I am glad that the remote control did work 🙂

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