tomorrow is another day

One of those days that I feel meh.

My hands are cold for some reason and my appetite is not here, either (which is very unusual..).

It was actually another good work-day with many things learnt, discussed, and resolved. Plus, I have the night to myself, where I can relax reading, writing, watching TV, or listening to the music. I am not sick, all is well in my life, yet I just happen to feel this way.

Ok.. at first I screened my mind to find a reason for this feeling and could not find anything particular. So, it is not something that I know or remember that makes my mood a little bit down now. There is no benefit in resisting to this feeling; I just gotta accept and be at peace with the fact that sometime it feels all right, sometimes not.

Tomorrow is another day; it may turn out to feel just fine 🙂

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