welcoming the long weekend

The long weekend started and I am not even excited about that; why?

I blame the absence of bread from my life 🙂 I am mostly kidding, but seriously bread or carbs have huge pacifying effect on me. I have not been eating bread in the last few days and sleeping is more difficult, so is feeling excited. Random or causal association? I do not know.

I have 3 days to myself, to be spent with friends and activities such as going to book stores and buying books, which always excite me. I will be away from the office, too, which is a great plus. Yet, here I am thinking; there must be something different that I can do tonite (I am obviously bored right away) and all I am thinking is eating carbs or desserts (even though I am not a dessert person).

Oh well, I think I will actually do that.

2 thoughts on “welcoming the long weekend

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  1. that is very interesting – thanks for sharing. I drink coffee with cream all the time, often at least two cups a day! Another food addiction for me, which I had not (conveniently) realized. Let me see how tea will work. Thanks! 🙂


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