breaking the routine – April 4, 2015

I talked to a pharmacist and based on my symptoms, she says I have flu.

Irony is that after 5-6 years, this year I had had the flu shot to get protected from it. Turns out it is not as effective as it was once assumed this year.

Ok – I have no problem with that; I know my body can fight this infection and help improve my immune system. So I am not complaining about fever, chills, muscle and headache, runny nose and sneezing. I am also not complaining about temporarily losing my taste buds; I could even eat sour kiwi fruit today. Or, lying/sitting on the couch, not doing what usually I would do. I am also not complaining about having 1-2 days off next week, until my symptoms disappear.

What other reason than having flu to break my routine? 🙂

stay well everybody.

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