towards the end of flu

While I still have fatigue, mostly congested but still runny nose, and started to cough, I did not get chills and fever today. This tells me that my flu is about to come to end.

That is great news. I am not in rush to go back to work though – I will monitor my symptoms tomorrow and see how I feel. Plus, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says I may be contagious a couple of more days. I will not take any fever-reducing medications from now on to see whether I am fever-free. If so, I can go back to office on Tuesday.

Not that I am looking forward to it 🙂

yet, it would be nice to do something other than lying/sitting on a couch; I suspect my body now aches more due to inactivity rather than the flu itself.

I enjoyed this long weekend that helped me to recuperate, change my usual daily life, and see that my body takes care of itself well (in fighting this infection).

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