back to office

Beautiful day…

I went to office after 5 sick-days. It felt good, as I had missed being there with my colleagues 🙂

While did not do anything too serious or requiring full focus for hours; I noticed how relax and positive I have been the entire day. I think the break I have had (thanks to my flu last five days) made this possible. It directly reflected on the people around me as well. I could not be happier.

While my lack of appetite continues, my energy levels seems to be just fine, as I easily walked back to home this afternoon. I was slightly feverish for an hour or so today, which I think says that my body still works to clear the influenza virus. That is okay; a couple of more days and it should be gone, too.

I have two more working days prior to the weekend; I would like to finish a couple of important things so that I can enjoy the weekend, relaxing again.

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