joy journal – April 12, 2015

I have not been particularly feeling upbeat lately, yet I know writing this journal will help me remember/notice things that are actually positively influencing my life. So, here they come:

1. I am grateful for being healthy, well, and sound.

2. I am grateful for chilly yet bright day.

3. I am grateful for working a couple of hours at my favourite cafe yesterday and today.

4. I am grateful for eating salad today; a big bowl of it. I am grateful that I was not lazy enough to prepare it.

5. I am grateful for my job, salary, and benefits. these help me engaged, produce, and accomplish. They also help me with my life and financial independence. Certainly, it would help a lot if I had protected my money and spent it more wisely. When I was young, I was very good at it. In the last five-six years, I am somehow spending it without thinking too much. Do not get me wrong, I do save and invest for my retirement or for emergencies. Yet, I know if I was dedicated enough, I could cut back some of my unnecessary expenses and instead invest them. I try hard to implement a cut-back, yet it seems like I rather want to pamper myself. Consider me taking the cab to the office every morning; the bus stop is so close to me and it is only 8 stops to my office.

6. I am grateful for talking to my family on the phone. Their support and love is something I cherish the most.

7. I am grateful for my TV, my computer, and internet connection. Thanks to them, I can spend time learning or entertaining.

8. I am grateful for deciding  to sell my house and buy a condo. I think it is the best for me, though I am not naive enough to think that purchasing a condo will solve all the problems. It is only that I find it hard to take care of my place and it currently is too big for me. Within next year, hopefully I can start the process of selling-buying. The idea that I will not have to cut the grass, plant flowers and tend to the yard, arrange for repairs, painting the deck, do caulking around the house somehow gives me a relief.

9. I am grateful for its being a sunday. It is quiet day, mostly relaxing.

10. I am grateful for having calm nerves nowadays. It is a good feeling. I like myself calm and positive. Life is supposed to be dealt with and I am doing my best to do so. Past few months were stressful and busy; yet I have found a chance to take a rest from work thanks to my flu last week.

11. I am grateful for not getting a bad news today.

12. I am grateful for my clothes, furniture, and the food. they help me survive and nourish.

13. I am grateful for the day being almost over.While I enjoy being at home, sometimes I am deeply bored. I did not want to go somewhere else, such as shopping. I did not feel like going to the bookstore, either. I contemplated about eating out, but decided not to (could not come up with an appealing choice…).

14. I am grateful that my appetite seems to be curbed nowadays. Not sure whether it is a remnant from the flu last week, but so far I am okay with not eating too much, especially the bread.

15. I am grateful for writing this journal today. It has not been an “up” period lately, but not “down”, either. It is just what it is.

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