Thanks for sharing your stories

Have you ever surprised yourself with the ways you dealt with things?

I am an antsy, reactive kind of person. Upon the occurrence of an issue, I have to assess the situation and then take the necessary actions.

Some people call me impatient: I happen to take the actions right away, rather than waiting; I think there are two reasons for that; a) as issues arise almost everyday, taking care of things right away is the most effective way (before I forget it or before other issues to deal with emerge), and b) unresponded issues almost always come back stronger. So, they can call me impatient, but I will do my best to take care of things as soon as possible.

Usually the issues, assessment, and deciding upon what to do are also stressful things; I often find myself experiencing the heaviness of the prospect and the stress coming out of it. Thus, my regular reaction to an issue would be an immediate “antsiness”.

Well, lately I have had some issues to deal with and I surprised myself by not feeling too stressed. I am not sure whether I accepted the situation as it is and effectively dealing with it, or I have been to similar issues before so I am more experienced in dealing with things. Maybe I have confidence, maybe I think I am not the only one in similar situations.

Not feeling isolated by thinking that the issue is specific to me (taking the “why me?” question out of equation) is helpful. Maybe that is why I am actually okay with reading the self-help books. Whether they are about our feelings/plans about our lives, interpersonal relationship, healthy-related issues, or work.

There is some kind of relief in this: we are not the only one going through life, with all the ups and downs.

Thanks for sharing your stories.


2 thoughts on “Thanks for sharing your stories

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  1. Yes, often I’ve surprised myself on how I’ve dealt with life. I think partially we have what a former blogger calls, “the seed of survivorship.” It think there is always the potential to thrive, because by nature, we were “created” in that way.

    I am similar in that I try to deal with negative situations right away. I also find that the older I get, the less tolerance I have for “situations” that contribute nothing positive to my life. I think part of the reason why we like to deal with such situations so quickly is because of the level of stress they create for us. We want to end it quick. But sometimes I think that by taking the time, you are actually reaching a level of understanding as to why things happen, and eventually “ending” if not “solving” the problem.

    We live and learn.

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    1. you are so wise; what you have said makes perfect sense. I found myself more tolerating the negative situations as I age, for some reason. Perhaps I am gaining insight, “accepting” that things will happen… That being said, fully agree that I also increasingly emphasize and focus on more positive experiences as I age; being grateful for things, however small they may be, is one good example. It is essential for feeling good about myself and life as a whole…Somebody said once upon a time “in life, all experiences are for us”. I keep wondering whether while we were raised up, it would be better if we were told “not everything ends in a fairy tale kind of situation; but whatever knocks our door, we may deal with it”. Let’s continue to live and learn 🙂


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