what is it about joy journals?

I have got several reactions to keeping a joy journal. Usually people are intrigued and surprised by the idea. Come to think about, yes indeed, why to write a “joy journal”? What is joy? Why is it important? And most importantly, why to take time to keep this particular journal?

I love it – it helps me to notice, remember, and be grateful for things, people, experiences, and events. It helps me to feel good when there are not-so-joyful things that are happening in my life or going through my mind.

Since I enjoy and benefit from it so much, it is my sincere wish that others try it too and hopefully have a similar positive experience.

Keeping a joy journal is not my own idea – I have got it from a book, which unfortunately I cannot remember. All credit goes to the author of that book.

On the net, there are many links on joy journal: I am pasting some of them below. If you are interested in learning more about it, perhaps these links can give you an idea (I am not endorsing these sites or their ideas, though).







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