joy journal – April 16, 2015

What an exciting (and tiring day 🙂 ). Here are today’s list of joyful events, experiences, and hopes.

1. I am grateful and extremely excited that I took the bus this morning, too. I have a weird habit of leaving the house upon getting up. It is an urge that I cannot explain and it does make me take the cab rather than waiting for the bus. And snow days are the worst, as I feel trapped at home. But today even though I had to wait at home an additional 15 min, I made it by keeping me busy with checking the emails. Time flew before I knew it and I arrived the bus stop maybe 5 min earlier. I made it! I hope to continue like this and keep taking the bus. It is easy, affordable, and fast!

2. I am grateful that I gave myself another present by buying coffee in the morning. It is an aromatic kind of coffee that I like. I think I should actually buy myself that kind of coffee to brew in my office.

3. I am grateful for moving my office and organizing everything in my new office. It is such a great office and I really like it. I am so excited!

4. I am grateful that I took a couple of minutes in my ex-office after we moved everything and contemplated about the times, cries, laughter, challenges, and good work I have had there. I have been in that office for more than 6 years… A lot of emotions attached. But, I love the change and I am cherishing it.

5. I am grateful that the water fountain is close to my new office (I drink around a litre of water every day at the office) and there is a sink in one of the rooms where I can wash my coffee mugs and coffee maker without spending too much time.

6. I am grateful for dumping quite a bit of unnecessary paperwork among my files. I think I have had something like two boxes of garbage dumped from my belongings. I am excited that I now have less files and folders, got rid of my second bookcase (which I have never liked anyways), by desk-station’s cabinets can hide away extra folders, and drawers takes up my personal stuff.

7. I am grateful that I had the momentum and the motivation to set everything in proper places in my new office. It was tiring, but I am amazed by my perseverance. I did not think that I could finish it today, but actually it happened. I know myself – if I had not finished it today, the remaining work would remain undone for some time. This office deserved better!

8. I am grateful that one of my work is now accepted! I had seen the congratulating emails after I got my computer is hooked up in the new office around noon. It always feels good 🙂

9. I am grateful that I have got rid of three old computer hard drives today. I do not know why I kept them for so long in my office. I think because they could still be useful for trainees or something. That experience made me remember one of the suggestions I had read somewhere that if we have not used something for six months (clothes included), it is time to let it go. Excellent advice.

10. I am grateful for walking back to home from the office, despite the facts that I was tired and there was a chilly wind outside.

11. I am grateful for eating salad and healthy today.

12. I am grateful that I have the evening to myself. I will take my time to relax, read, and watch TV. I guess one of my favourite TV shows has a new episode tonite. Cannot wait.

13. I am grateful for getting sleepy in the last few nights and going to bed at a regular time. That makes me sleep easily and get up early, too. Lovely.

14. I am grateful for my couch, furniture, food, house, power, TV, computer, and internet connection all of which helps me to have a comfortable, sheltered, and nourished life.

15. I am grateful for tomorrow – I gotta be somewhere else for a 6 hours work-related event but it does not start till 11 am. So I have the morning free. I plan to go to my favourite cafe, have breakfast, and also work till 10.45 am. It is a good plan.

16. I am grateful for being grateful and feeling better and excited today.

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