acts of kindness

I have been waiting for my order to arrive at a diner this evening, when a person around 60’s came in. His walk was slow, the way he talks was not understandable, and he obviously put an effort to keep his balance. He ordered some food at the counter, but then the person at the counter said “no money, no food”.

I did not understand the situation well, but the man sat on a table and the person at the counter repeated his words, with an elevated voice. Because of the difficulty in speaking and keeping his balance, I thought maybe the man was drunk at first. Only later I thought maybe he had medical conditions.

Anyways, he started talking to a couple at the next table – they also had trouble understanding what he was saying, but after a couple of minutes, the couple said “okay, I will buy you a meal”. The man asked for the food left out in their plates and started eating them. My heart sank…

The couple paid for the man’s meal and left. I found a chance to thank them while they were leaving.

At that point, the person at the counter had changed and the new waitress started to argue with the man that his meal was paid.. That is all she kept saying; after a while, I intervened saying that he did not get his meal….. The waitress was apologetic and brought the man meal immediately.

I do not know what was happening with the man and I hope it is not a serious medical condition. But, the random act of kindness by the couple was very inspiring. They have done really well; feeding someone in need is a great act. I hope this couple will get help themselves from others when they least expect it.


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  1. This is beautiful. I wish more people acted in the same way. But there is too much fear.

    I think part of the fear, at least here in NY, is that we aren’t sure what the people “in need” are troubled with. For example, I see people asking for money all the time: on the trains, on the streets. Of course, asking for money is a different story. But I sometimes wish I knew their story. I wouldn’t mind giving them a couple of dollars – why not? But I fear the money will be used for an addiction. Sometimes I do take my risks, because in a way, I have hope.

    I wouldn’t think twice about feeding someone who was hungry. Coming from a third world country myself, I understand the situation too well.


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  2. I am with you on this. the only exception is that I do not give money to anyone. Although I also thought about buying a meal for this man prior to the couple decided to do so, I could not take the risk – what if the man was drunk or had mental illness and somehow would annoy me, try to talk to me, follow me later etc.? These thoughts, however irrational they might be, prevented me from helping. So I agree with you sometime the best way is to know their story or to have some kind of silent agreement that they will not try to contact later 🙂 (you have a good heart by the way)


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