I have been always frugal, responsibly spent my money, and saved and invested as much as I could.

Not anymore. It is partially because my salary is much better than the past and I kinda feel the urge to make my life comfortable and easy. So, I have developed some “luxurious” activities, such as taking the cab (rather than the bus) and attending socials and being generous with them. Do not get me wrong, socials and being generous is awesome, but when it is one-sided, it is not so great after a while.

Today while at the shopping mall, I thought that the only way that I can have some control over my finances are to a) sell my house that costs me a lot to maintain, and b) going back to being frugal. Otherwise I do not see myself having financial stability in my life.

I made a pact with myself and the first thing I am crossing from my list is to buy meals for others. That happens 4-5 times a year with the team members that work with me. I somehow thought I should shoulder all the bills, which I have done so far. But I think I will cut this out. Other bosses around me do not do this kind of stuff, so why should I do that myself? You know what is the strangest things? Nobody ever asked whether they could contribute to the bill, or pay for their own meals? Why is that I wonder, as I would not let anyone to do this repeatedly. Anyways. End of an era. And it is good for me. If my team members would like to organize something and then invite me, I may go and pay for my own meal. That is it.

the second thing I will do is to cut the cab out of my life for ever. I have done well in the last few days taking the bus everywhere (work and shopping malls). Prior to buying my house, I would go to and come back from the office by cab and also go to the shopping centers by cab. When I think about it, it was cheaper than having a car and as such I did not care. Since last year, I try to walk or take the bus (mostly) from office to home as well as when I go to the malls. But in the mornings, I almost always take the cab. So, obviously I have made changes and reduced my transportation costs quite a bit, so well done with that. Yet, now I guess I can finish the rest of the plan and only take the bus in the mornings. That will decrease my transportation costs further.


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