Joy journal – April 19, 2015

1. I am grateful for getting up not late this morning.

2. I am grateful for going to my favourite cafe for breakfast. It become an habit to pick my laptop with me and work there. I am not sure whether this is good or not. Today I just did some email correspondence but no serious work. The nice thing is that the person at the counter (who was not the regular staff that we chat time to time, who pours my coffee right away as soon as I enter the shop), had made my coffee ready, too! It is great to go to the same places which are run by the nice people. they get to know you well and surprise you with this kind of gestures. Awesome!

3. I am grateful for calling my family and then catching the bus to go to a shopping mall. I felt like not staying at home this weekend, which is something new. I am not sure whether it is the boredom (i.e. doing the same things over and over at home), or the fact that the days are brighter and livelier. I just feel like spending more time outside than inside. I think that is a lot better than sitting on my couch 🙂

4. I am grateful for the nice notebooks I found on sale today; I bought two of them at a reasonable price. they are so cute! I am planning to give them to people I love as a gift.

5. I am grateful for buying a nice colourful card and a nice frame for someone as an engagement gift. I guess she will love both of them. until today I had never bought a gift for engaged people. I kept wondering; what kind of presents are given when someone gets engaged? Is this an appropriate gift? I have no idea 🙂

6. I am grateful for buying a thin but large-enough mat to place under my chair in my new office. my new office has a carpet, which is all nice and shiny for now. but honestly i do think it is not suitable for the climate where I am. In winter, the entire office area will be dirty and wet with the snow/rain etc. I would like to cover my floor as much as possible with washable or easily replaceable items. I still need to get a runner, which I can get maybe next week.

7. I am grateful for buying nice vases today; I could not get plants for my office today, but the vases are ready! One is yellow and the other one is red. They will give colour and life to my new office. Exciting!

8. I am grateful for buying myself a lunch at the mall. I was not particularly hungry today (as yesterday) when I bought the meal. I know I do that to pamper myself… But perhaps I can stop doing this as when I am not hungry, the meal does not taste that well, either. better buy myself meal when I am hungry 🙂

9. I am grateful for the book I have bought today. It is one the books of my recent favourite author. I did not think it was as great as the other two books I have got, but that is okay.

10. I am grateful for the back-pack and totes that make carrying the items easy.

11. I am grateful for not buying anything that I would not use or give away as gifts. I am happy with the fact that all I bought will be used and none of them are extra items.

12. I am grateful for having a healthy meal at home.

13. I am grateful for feeling kinda allright today. time to time I get negative mood, but I guess that is what life is.

14. I am grateful today is a Sunday, which allows me to take a rest and enjoy my day.

15. I am grateful that my home is warm, my couch is comfy, my socks and blanket keep me warm, my water is filtered, and my TV is in good working condition.

16. I am grateful for taking responsibility for my financial situation and cutting unnecessary expenses, starting today. I also happily acknowledge the things I do well in terms of frugality.

17. I am grateful for internet and this blog site. I came to read the stories by many people that I only know through here. I am still hesitant to interact by writing comments and replies, but I guess I am getting used to it. there are really nice people out there.

18. I am grateful for walking in and between the stores and carrying my stuff. both of these activities are supposed to be good for my health.

19. I am grateful that I did wait for the bus on the way back from the mall – almost an half an hour… It was chilly but i did not even think about taking a cab, which is quite pleasing. I think taking the bus is becoming my “normal”.

20. I am grateful that I was not lazy or had low energy or something, and could do all of these activities today.

21. I am grateful for being grateful today 🙂

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