Happy Friday everyone :)

Friday is here; happy friday everyone. I hope you are leaving the work behind and preparing for a relaxing and warm weekend.

I have not worked too much today; as a matter of fact I think I have not worked at all, but that is not true. The only reason I feel like this is because I did only light work, attended two important meetings, worked on a presentation, and left the office at 2pm because I was not really in the mood of working and I was bored.

I kept thinking; okay, I can leave the office now and take this opportunity to do something new, nice, or interesting. Honestly I could not think about something to do; I have been to the mall yesterday so I did not feel like going there again. So I started walking saying to myself that “along the way I can decide what to do”. Then before I know it, I reached home, and I said to myself “okay, let’s go eat somewhere”, I did that and now I am at home.

I wish I had worked really well so that I would be happy to come home. I noticed that if I do not get tired at the office, then I do not appreciate how relaxing being home is 🙂

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