joy journal – April 27, 2015

A rainy, foggy, but nevertheless a precious day of my life. Here is my gratefulness list for today:

1. I am grateful for the rainy and foggy day. It has been like this since saturday. Foggy days, although are depressive on the long run, also gives a mystical sense to the city. It is actually a great time to take pictures. I imagine a street lamp illuminating in a dark with fog at the background. Almost a black-and-while photo, which may include colourful houses at the back. The whole picture would look so awesome…. I can see it in my mind clearly – and it makes me happy.

2. I am grateful for keeping up positive and continuing to deal with the issues. I am proud of myself for holding up.

3. I am grateful for today being another light-work day. I have not worked too much, but I gotta start doing this soon so that I can finish lagging work and start fresh ones. It is exciting 🙂

4. I am grateful that I am still excited about my new office 🙂 I know, I know dear reader you are probably about to puke, but it seriously it makes me happy and excited. I still tell everyone I see at the workplace what a nice office it is and how happy I am to have it, including my boss. My boss smiled and said “I heard from 3 other people how happy you were with your office”. She was happy for me. I thanked her previously but it does not hurt to thank her here again for my office, considering that there are only 4 offices with windows (one of which is mine) and we are around 30 people. My boss said the fact that in contrast to some others, I actually spend a lot of time in the office, which helped me to get the office. Thank you, thank me 🙂

5. I am grateful for walking in the afternoon, a little bit faster this time. I walked with one of my colleagues, who walks faster than me. So today’s walk was more like a cardio exercise, more healthy. Yay!

6. I am grateful for being warm tonite. It has been cold lately, but today feels allright.

7. I am grateful for all the books I have around me. I was not reading lately, but I have occasional look at them, which is always pleasing.

8. I am grateful for my team being back and fully settled in the new place. They seem allright with this change and rapidly adapting to the new environment. We had a meeting today and we slowly getting back to operating fully.

9. I am grateful for one of my favourite TV shows airing tonite. They say it is going to be one of this memorable ones – cannot wait 🙂

10. I am grateful for feeling better tonite.

11. I am grateful for flossing lately. It may be gross to mention it, but considering how healthy it is and how lazy I usually am, I am proud of myself.

12. I am grateful for my sense of humour today; with several of my colleagues today I participated shortly in a group exercise that involved coming up with creative and humorous quotes. It was hilarious and I had great time.

13. I am grateful for not eating too much today.

14. I am grateful for not being lazy and walking within and between the buildings today.

15. I am grateful for brewing my own coffee this morning. I have also drunk two cups of tea at noon. I had a variety pack of tea that turned out to be really exciting. 6 different types of teas. I loved the opportunity to choose among different tea bags and I know that in the coming days as well I have the same opportunity. Considering the health benefits of tea, I am now more than before motivated to drink tea.

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