my best friend

My best friend called half an hour to tell me she lost her father yesterday. She was just flying to see her dad.

I could not know what to say… What should I have said? Words remain meaningless.

I beat myself for not seeing her news at a social media site. I attended a public symposium this evening and came back home late. Even though I browsed the site, I had not noticed the sad news….. Missed it terribly.

I should have been the one to call my friend.

Things not always flow in the expected directions.

May my best friend find the strength to go through her loss and may her dad rest in peace.


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  1. I am very sorry about your friend’s dad. May he Rest in Peace. And may your friend find the strength to carry on.

    I am one who can tell you that sometimes “silence” is best. She knows you well enough to know you mean well. And sometimes we become silenced because we care too much.

    Please try not to blame yourself for anything as you did not do anything wrong. You are still her good friend. xo

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