still feeling like writing :)

The other day somebody at work told me “you dumped a huge weight off your shoulders”.

She was referring to all the extra folders and paperwork I had in the previous office. To me, though it meant more than that.

When I had joined my organization, they did not have an office for me. So I stayed in a “borrowed” office for 2-3 months, the owner started to fill it with extra boxes and all, I felt both ignored (by my organization – how can they not have an office for their new member?) and also kicked out (by the ever increasing number of boxes appearing in the “borrowed” office). Then, finally I moved to an office through another shuffle of people around. It was dark (no window) and at an isolated part of the unit.

I was happy to have the office, but over the years, I collected an old bookcase, which never liked but used only to have some place to put paperwork, a new bookcase (which I love and still keep), 3 desks none of which I liked that much, and a file cabinet I just found a chance to organize and fully use lately.

Since I had so much paperwork that everywhere, not only the bookcases, but also the top of the desks were full of folders and binders. One of my wall was covered by papers with my notes on them (majority of which I hardly looked at more than twice). I have no idea why I have never actually taken excellent care of that office, and kept it organized and fresh looking. I really do not know why.

But I know that I did not feel good at that office due to all clutter and ineffective furniture.

So when my colleague said the sentence above – I somehow understood better. It is not only the clutter and unwanted furniture I dumped while leaving that office, but also the feeling of being in a non-motivating, non-functional office. So, when I think about what positive impact my new office had on me, it is not only the window, or its being in a new building, or the new furniture that make me feel good about it, but also the absence of previous work environment.


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