you did good ending this

running and spreading your coldness

frozen I was; frozen

did not cry, did not complain, did not vent

peace it was; only frozen

dreamt about you the other day

woke up trying to remember

forgiving I was; forgetting

did not remember, did not hate, did not cry

forgotten you were; forgotten


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2 thoughts on “forgotten

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  1. I wish it was easy for me to forget/forgive. I think one of the biggest struggles in life is not being able to (forgive and forget).

    To think of it: Forgiving is not forgetting, really. It is being able to remember without feeling pain.

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  2. you made an excellent point; the distinction is important. There are cases when I feel like I have forgotten (not completely), but did not forgive. Interesting… I find myself not forgetting or forgiving depending on the impact the event/situation/person had on me. I guess we all have to go thru these feelings. Life 🙂


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