random thoughts

I still feel like writing today. Yesterday it was because I was upset and trying to keep my mood up. Today it is just because.

I am feeling a little bit better today. Work helps. The more my mind works the better. I have done quite a bit of work today, but am feeling like I have not catched up with my regular work rhythm yet. Hopefully soon.

Tomorrow we have two ceremonies to officially open our new building; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. So I will not have a chance to do much work. It is okay. And next week I have one whole day, one half-day meeting to attend, which make the half of the week useless. Oh, well. Maybe at the weekend I will work, which is a great idea.

I got a support letter today that I have been waiting since monday. It is kind of important so I am happy that it arrived. It has a key role in one of the work-related issues I have. The rest will be determined by others later, which I am okay with; they have been helpful and ready to provide advise. I liked this very much.

It is raining today – what a miserable day! I decided to take the bus. I could as well walk as while waiting the bus, my coat and shoes got wet anyhow. I thought about eating out, but then decided not to. A simple dinner made it.

My team and I seem to get used to being in different offices. I go say hi twice or three times a day, which is good. They say they are hesitant to come and say hi to me. “By all means, please do that as I like to chat with you”. That is what I said. I feel isolated socially and they may feel the same thing. I do not know.

While I am away from my team a little bit, in the new building now we have a lot of people (who previously were scattered around the floors and buildings) together. That is actually awesome since we interact more and meet more easily. It has been very useful for me so far.

I started to drink tea again after I moved to my new office. I used to years ago, but had stopped after a while. I welcome this nice change. I have a variety of teas at the office and am interested in getting more this weekend.

Tea is good. New office is good. Change is good. 🙂

Better yet, I am aware of all these goodness. Awesome!

stay well every one

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    1. Earl grey is so awesome! my absolute favourite (black) tea. It smells so nice that I just love it. I had drunk rooibos tea before, but I now am curious about its earl grey version. Must be awesome 🙂 (thanks for coming by)

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