random thoughts

A beautiful, warm spring day; it has been the warmest day so far – around 13 C. Cannot complain 🙂

I attended a meeting in the morning, where there were all bunch of muffins, pastries, and fruits as snacks. Why did I eat so much of pastry? That I am complaining about. I am going to attend another full-day meeting on wednesday, where I similarly expect to eat unhealthy food. Why I wanna ask myself, why? 🙂

On the other hand, I appreciated the nice pen and notebook that came with the meeting. And the coffee and tea. At least they are not unhealthy.

I am always perplexed with the choice of snacks at meetings and presentations. Is it because they are easy to acquire and cheap that they end up at the tables and then in our mouth and stomach? This last part is nobody else’s fault though, I have no will-power to stop eating these food. Convenience is the key igniter for my unhealthy diet. time to stop this – seriously. Where am I going with this life-style?

I walked back from the office, which made me sweat due to the warm weather. It made me feel good. I had a relatively healthier dinner (potato salad to be exact), if it is considered healthy (too much starch…). Oh well. I really have a lot to fix in my life.

My life is waiting – when am I going to take the steps to change for a better, more fulfilling and healthy-feeling life?

Sometime soon. Yes, soon.

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