random thoughts

What a beautiful day; it rained a little bit here and there but it was warm and very enjoyable day.

I attended a whole-day long work-related workshop today; it is great that we have such gatherings every once a while. It is truly a great opportunity to learn from others, form collaborations, and have lively discussions. I was not sorry that I was away from the office today.

I kept my eating (free and usually unhealthy) food to minimum, which was very pleasing. Also rather than drinking 5-6 cups of coffee, I had tea half of the time. It still pumped my heart rate up a little bit, but I guess tea is a lot better than coffee for a drink.

I had a speech for 30 minutes. Prior to the talk I was a little bit nervous, but it went really well. Two of my team members also attended the talk, which was nice. I tried to credit their excellent work as much as I could. I am sure they enjoyed it and I wish to continue to do so. In all my talks I have pics and names of my team members when I talk about their work. I kept this practice since the beginning, which I am keen to continue. I may be a tough boss (and I am..), but when comes to giving credit I do it well. Knowing that I hardly have seen this kind of practice in other boss’ presentations, I am very happy with my choice.

After the workshop we had a social in a nearby place, which was somehow quite in terms of attendance. But it gave me a chance to connect with some of my colleagues at my work place as well as some of the visiting professional from other provinces. Having a casual and comfortable chat among us (all opinionated and ambitious professionals) is an amazing experience. I am glad I did attend this event and I am glad I did take time to do so.

My work and my colleagues amaze me in so many different levels 🙂

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