random thoughts

I have been away from my blog for the last few days – missed reading all posts 🙂

What is new on my side?

Well, it snowed today. Yes, it did. It was cold, too. Oh, well…. O’ Canada 🙂

It is at least a Friday. the weekend gives me some relief. I really need to focus on my work now that we are quite delayed because of the move of offices and all. time to start taking care of stuff.

I had a 4pm meeting this afternoon – it is never a problem for me to have meetings on Fridays or at late hours. But when the meeting is not a productive and a little bit annoying, it deserves a rant. Right?

I am not going to vent out here – we all have our own troubles, emotions, and issues to deal with. Rather, let’s focus on the positive things again.

I am happy to have this blog and connect with so many others, each coming with wonderful insight, opinion, and writing. I am happy to learn from all and develop myself, my thoughts, and wishes further. I am happy that internet and computers make all of these possible.

cheers everyone

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