relief – re; house problem

I am excited that I took the steps to have a second opinion on the crack on one of my walls.

I called the insurance company first; my first time dealing with an insurance claim and they were helpful. I am very proud of myself that I could make this call and get information. I do have a tendency to delay things where I am not even sure how to describe. I have been meaning to call the insurance company since last weekend. I am glad I finally made it. I now have more information and if I have to make other calls, I know I can make it easier.

the insurance company hooked me up with a contractor company they work with. Within an hour the contractor and I met at my house. He did an in detail examination. First thing I have learnt that crawl spaces are useful as they help us to inspect the foundations. I do not have one… Second, my problem right now is only a cosmetic problem, so I will continue to watch over the crack and other places in my house. Third, the worst thing that can happen is a significant repair requiring tens of thousand dollars, which is depressing… Fourth, there is no danger or indication of a a dangerous situation yet, so I can have peace of mind until all gets way worse.

It may not be all good news, but knowing that despite my shakiness I am taking the necessary steps. It may cost me eventually some tens of thousands… That is the scary part but there are somethings in life we cannot control and this is one of them… But until it happens, I will remain calm and remind myself that the best thing I can do is to be knowledgeable and attentive. At least I did not ignore. At least I have taken steps to understand. The rest I hope I will be able to go through if something wrong happens.

That is a great relief.

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  1. I hope it works out and that there isn’t too much cost associated with the fixing.

    Thanks for sharing about your home experiences. One of the things that worries me is the cost associated with owning a house, after the purchase. But it certainly has its benefits.

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    1. thanks for the kind words and the support! like anything else I guess home ownership has ups and downs. maintenance cost is something that I should have been ready for, but I was not. That is the main reason I have had a hard time at first and reacted negatively to the issues/repairs at home. I think I did lack mental preparedness for the potential issues and responsibility of home ownership 🙂 I hope you will get a wonderful house that you just will love!

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