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It is Sunday and beautiful.

It is a little bit foggy and chilly today yet, we are, those who have been longing for the spring for so long, still hanging in there 🙂

Where I am, this weekend (the Victoria day long weekend) is considered to be the first week of spring (yes, unfortunately we get long winters…). Many of my neighbours were out this weekend, tending their yards and planting stuff.


This year is my first time planting plants/seeds and taking care of my yard a little bit (removing clutter; I found another spoon today while digging, in addition to broken glass and china pieces. What is up with these? was this yard a garbage dump?!!). I remove the stuff as much as I can. But I am afraid if I dig deeper, I can find more interesting stuff. 🙂

Ok, so what have I done in my yard today? well, I worked on one part of the yard, which I plan to plant garlic, onion, and potato. I will have to work a little bit better at that place – there are too many rocks and plant roots. Cannot plant anything there yet.

I also worked on another small part and managed to plant seeds of three different flowers. These seeds were given to me by my mom and I cherish them a lot. Will they please, please, and please germinate, bloom, and show themselves sometime?

I planted my first onion (yay!) on a pot outside. When I went thru my onions in the kitchen, I noticed two more onions that were a little bit softer; I planted them too. Mom says garlic and onion do not need to be planted too deep. That is what I have done. Knowing my usual carelessness and the cold climate here, as usual I am hoping for a miracle 🙂

I also planted three small plants, which were indoors since winter. I really love them and I do hope they will survive in the yard. Especially those long ones – imagining how they will dance with the wind makes my heart warm. I should go and get some more.


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      1. I wish I had tips. I’m just learning. Last summer I planted in pots and everything died. Can’t have an actual “veggie garden” because of the neighborhood association.

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        1. ouch re; n. association. but I totally understand that – my experience is the same – whatever I planted in pots never grew. This is my first time trying planting in the yard (except my childhood) and not sure how it will go. I hope something will be strong enough to grow in my yard and you will find an easy way to plant your potatoes 🙂

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  1. I found a type of citrus at the zoo a few years ago and planted the seeds. I got about 17 mini trees from those few seeds. They got so tall I couldn’t plant them because I am from NYC. Eventually they died, except for one: Orangette, we named her. She is still going strong! Maybe I will share a picture on my blog soon so you see her.

    All my life I’ve always wanted to have my own garden. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy nature and to own a piece of it.

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