random thoughts

It was a good work day, again full of meetings and all. But one of my ex-team members came by to say hi. That was the high point of the day. He is the smartest person I have ever known, but when we worked together we had performance issues including careless work. It is hard to be okay with this kind of performance in our field of work and knowing his perseverance and intelligence I had expected more from him. He has been working in another department in the last 1.5 years and now would like to move somewhere else to get a really awesome position. I am excited for him and I hope he will get the position and do excellent job there.

There was another high point of my day actually; when one of my current team members told me that she finished drafting her thesis! She is a master’s student now working with us as a part-time employee and I could not have anyone more careful, kind, social, and positive, and effective. The fact that she had delayed finishing her thesis/program because she had to work was bothering her (and I). We talked quite a bit about it. I have full faith in her and expressed this many times. I also told her that this kind of delays can work against her; I for example all being equal have preference for someone who finished her Master’s on time, rather than someone who delayed it or years.

Eventually she talked to the school people last week and somehow got agitated because the delay in finishing the program was not desired by them, either, and I guess she felt weird about this…. She told me that she got angry and did nothing but worked on and finished her thesis document this weekend. This long weekend seemed to have done wonders for her – I could not be happier 🙂

I love seeing young, intelligent, and remarkable young people reaching their potential. This of course is sometime dependent on luck, including having good mentors that can guide them. I had some wonderful mentors and then some very annoying mentors in my life, but thank to them, one way or the other, I have my career now.


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