joy journal – May 20, 2015

1. I am grateful for having a good night sleep. It is getting warmer and my bedroom for sure feels the difference. I lowered the thermostat yesterday and I think I can lower it more. That feels good. I feel like soon I will start opening the windows upstairs during the evenings. Imagining all the fresh air coming in, that idea excites me very much 🙂

2) I am grateful for having no meeting today. as a matter of fact for the next two days as well I have no meeting scheduled! That is great as it gives me a sense of freedom as well as the ability to focus on tasks that require long and uninterrupted time. I have worked with my team members today and moved one of the lagging tasks ahead. We all are feeling excited about this and certainly motivated! 🙂

3. I am grateful for working till past 6pm today. Longer days, combined with the natural light coming out of the office window is energizing. I seriously did not want to leave the office this evening.

4. I am grateful for walking to home from the office. I still am wearing my winter coat, which started to be too warm. I will try to switch to my spring coat soon.

5. I am grateful for eating eggs for dinner. I love eggs. I had not had any lately. they are so amazing, tasty, and nutritious.

6. I am grateful for not eating too much today. Especially when comes to carbs (such as bread), that is good news for me 🙂

7. I am grateful for checking the bus schedule. What did I see? between 8-9 am, there are 3 services not 2 (that I thought). That makes taking the bus so much easier for me. why did I not notice it before? I have no idea – one of these things that you would think you know, but turns out not. Eh..

8. I am grateful for lying on the couch. I usually sit. But tonite I am resting my body a little bit. I feel like breaking the routine and doing something nice for my body. well done 🙂

9. I am grateful for dumping the garbage, including the junk and dry branches/leaves I collected from my yard. A total of 5 bags – one of the largest dump I have ever made. It is good that I have not forgotten to put them outside for collection.

10. I am grateful for the nice person who housesits when I am away for an extended period of time. Even though I have to pay for the service, the peace of mind in knowing there is someone reliable to take care of my house is great. I also learnt all bunch of stuff about the house safety from this person as well as a security company. Learning is interesting and empowering.

11. I am grateful for deciding to pamper my body by moisturising, eating better, and walking more.

12. I am grateful for my line of credit. Now, that is weird I know – it would be much better if I had not needed it. But I do need it and it helps me from having a negative chequeing account, which costs more than the current credit balance.

13. I am grateful for experiencing something this morning. I went to grab something to eat and on the way back while waiting the elevator, I just straightened my back and shoulders and immediately I felt good. Confident. Determined. Man, it is true that our posture effects our mind and our mood! A very valuable experience for me. Surely will be practised again (highly recommended to try).

14. I am grateful for the quiet and safe night; I am grateful for keeping a quiet and peaceful life; I am grateful for taking time to relax; and I am grateful for everything and everyone that make these possible for me.

15. I am grateful that I could keep up with some of the challenges I assigned to myself: maybe not too many but here they are; eating better and enjoying the view, both at the office and at home, and relaxing.

16. I am grateful for being grateful and finding the energy and the wish to write these to my joy journal.

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