joy journal – May 26, 2015

One of these days I feel like meh... Today more than the times when I feel better, I feel the need to write my joy journal. At the end, remembering the beautiful things provide a sense of joy and serenity. Today, I will have one giant point to be thankful about;

1. I am grateful for felling like meh.. Why? you may ask. It helps me to appreciate the life as it is. I think we are not supposed to feel good, positive, or excited all the time, though they would be very much appreciated. Some days are better than the others. Eventually, I am still healthy, have a steady job I love, my family is well, and I am safe and sound. These are the bigger things in life that count. So right this moment I remind myself the important things in life I often take granted. What a valuable experience. Thank you meh day.

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