(totally) random thoughts

the dandelions in my yard flowered; I love these sturdy, yellow flowers. I used to buy the dandelion leaves to eat in salads. This year, I am planning to eat the leaves from my yard. So, until next week before which I will harvest the leaves, I am not mowing the grass.

I have been checking the seeded areas in the mornings and evenings since I planted them. I have some seeds coming out (the flower area); they are too small to recognize and I am not sure whether they will survive and thrive in this climate – but I really, really hope at least one will do. I may have some stalks coming out in the herb section – but I cannot be sure whether they are the herbs or other plants which were in that area previously. Only time will show. But I am kind of hopeful about the mint (grocery shop kind) stalks I had inserted into the soil. They did not yet gone bad, but they did not show any sign of rooting/blooming there, either. I may take one of them out; but I am not in favour of disturbing the little things. I think in one or two weeks, I will be able to see how my seeds have done.

I walked around an hour this afternoon. I needed to go pick up a package sent to me from the post-office. Took a route I was not very familiar with and figured out how to find the post-office. Unfortunately or fortunately (because I have to walk there again 🙂 ) the package was not delivered to the station yet, so I have to go there again sometime this week. But the walk was awesome; I did sweat. It was healthy.

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  1. I wish I knew you better – I would make some crack about you grazing in your front yard on dandelions. Oh well, just did. I’ve never eaten the greens to my knowledge. Are they strong flavored like kale?

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    1. :))) they taste a bit bitter; so it may not be for everyone. I used to purchase the “red” dandelion leaves from organic shops years ago. They were the best. Nevertheless you can give it a try if you are sure they grown on safe soils. happy tasting 🙂

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