walking is a joy!

Walking is the best exercise that I can integrate into my life; it is free, it has no time limit, it does not require gym membership or special clothes, it is relatively safe, and very enjoyable if you can also take time to look around, especially in these beautiful Spring days.

I was an avid walker, until I moved to my current city. Day or night whenever I felt like bored or down, I walked. I walked for hours, sometime more than once a day. I walked to the work, I walked to the shopping centres, and I walked to everywhere I can think about. That is the nice thing about living in downtown, which makes it safe and also practical during winter (snow clearance is usually a lot better).

At my current city, the situation is a little bit different. Walking during winter is usually is not fun but I try; during the winter months, I am keen about walking in the afternoons, rain, snow, or shine from work to home. Unless it gets icy or if there is a storm outside. This year I have done it really well and I am very pleased with myself. It is not easy to walk whenever I would like to though due to the ice and snow banks that stay on the ground/street for quite sometime. A nice pair of water and skid-resistant boots made my life easy during the winter.

But I must says it is the Spring that brings the joy of walking. The heavy winter coats are gone, it is warm and dry, and there is so many nice houses, yards, and gardens to see along the way. The energy is amazing and makes me want to walk more. I would like to walk in the afternoons and the weekends as much as I can. There are I am sure nice paths, nice streets that I can explore to make this an unboring activity- walking along the same way and seeing the same things over and over again is not very interesting to me. So, let’s start exploring. Maybe I can also take my camera with me to make it a more interesting experience.

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      1. :))) that is interesting! 🙂 I personally cannot stand it when my neck and shoes get wet, but hey maybe I am missing something, so let’ me give it a try for the joy of it next time!


        1. When you do it, open your arms and let the rain hit your face. I grew up on an island and experienced some natural disasters. The best thing us kids did was to get wet in the rain. And the thunders were crazy loud and scary. I often got in trouble for going outside.

          I was so naive. I told my mama God was taking photos of me which is why there was lighting (camera flash). I actually posed. Ha ha! Good memories.

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  1. I enjoy walking so much, except during winter.

    One thing I appreciate about leaving my camera behind though is that I get to appreciate everything around me — just connect with my surroundings. But hey, if you can capture that moment with a photo, then you’ll enjoy looking back at that memory forever.

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