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A gorgeous Spring day! What a delight.

I have been listening to music non-stop yesterday and today. I had forgotten what a magnificent thing it was. Evoking so many different emotions; from admiration to joy, from appreciation to regretting. Regretting that I had forgotten to enjoy it for some time. Was too busy while take caring of stuff and relaxing.

They say we should stop to smell the roses.

When did our lives become so busy? So demanding?

The activities that excite me most seem to be in the past; meeting with my life-long friends, my family members, going to concerts, visiting new places, singing, falling in love. Ah yes, singing. Art could evoke such a rich array of feelings. Singing almost felt like being awed by life.

It crossed my mind to have a bucket list – have at least one trip a year that will excite me; buy tickets for a show or musical at Broadway; explore somewhere new, like Europe or South America; make plans to meet with friends; stop doing the same things over and over everyday.

Life waits.

Let’s meet.

2 thoughts on “random thoughts

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  1. We grew up. That’s what happened. Blah.

    I think everyone should have a list of things they wish they could do. I try to do one trip a year. I feel time is passing me by though and haven’t done enough.

    How about something crazy, like skydiving? I’ve been watching videos of skydivers a lot the last couple of months. I am tempted but scared.

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  2. Blah indeed! 🙂 have you ever heard anyone saying “let’s get excited!”. I did not… But I heard a lot about “relax” “chill” “take a rest” “take a break” Blah Blah Blah… well, I missed excitement.. Anyways, sky driving is really crazy – someone I know had offered to try is sometime, which had made me think about it. It can be done but it is seriously scary. I would rather go see a show at Broadway :))) but if you ever try, do not forget to share your experience with us! 🙂


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